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Market reports
Bespoke Market reports

You probably find that most print market reports have plenty of data but no insight your sales and marketing teams can use. Do you need an even more in-depth look at the market? Commission a bespoke Printfuture report and you get the best data combined with extended commentaries to give you a competitive understanding of markets and real-life applications.

Market research and surveys
Asking the right questions

When it comes to market research, good data is vital. By involving specialists in the topic and market from the start of the project, we know we’re asking the right people the right questions. To ensure we get the best insights and a balanced view, Printfuture’s researchers carry out one-to-one interviews with our network of contacts. Our analysis then turns this high-quality data into great commercial outcomes for your business.

Expert services
High value feedback

Printfuture’s expert interview and advisory service gives you the opportunity to talk in confidence to our independent specialists on topics including market dynamics, vertical and horizontal trends, technology developments and strategy orientation. This gives you immediate, cost-effective, high-value feedback.

This service is particularly useful for:
Risk management | Due diligence | Mergers and acquisitions | The venture capital sector.