SUPER SKILL - planning for success

The initial boost from the introduction of digital printing was soon eroded as the market continued to consolidate and become more competitive. It was clear that print was declining and the publishing world was moving digital. A radical new approach was required to re-energise the business and this had to begin at the top.


Superskill Graphics based in Singapore was formed in 1978 as a phototypesetting, film and platemaking company. In 1988 it was the first company in South East Asia to install desktop publishing for phototypesetting and in 1990 was awarded for the prestigious National IT Award in the SME category. During the 1990s it also adopted computerized colour scanning and multilingual typesetting.

As is well documented the market for these publishing services began to decline with the advent of widespread desktop publishing software and direct-to-plate production methods. As a result and with increasingly squeezed revenues and margins Superskill diversified into digital printing in 2006.




Publishing, Printing and Design

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Planning for success

Printfuture and Superskill embarked on an extensive review process of all aspects of the business, in order to come up with a vision and plan for the future. The extensive business plan that was drawn up containing all the change projects became the vehicle for engaging all the staff, creating momentum and driving the business forward. The new plan included changes to the standard operating procedures, a programme of efficiency and cost reduction measures in every department, supported by a comprehensive training schedule.

Out of the review process came a new branding and identity for the company and the development of a new website focused on the delivery of a new range of specialist digital media services for the publishing market. To ensure that these services would be a success an aggressive sales and marketing plan was devised, which was supported by the introduction of a business intelligence process to create leads and develop business opportunities.

The plan was to take what Superskill had historically done well in the publishing arena and add a new dimension through content and data management and the addition of new digital publishing services like web design and mobile content development.

The new business model was designed and developed as in the chart on the right:

The Superskill case study proves that no matter how small the company or how desperate the position, sound advice, vision and planning coupled with discipline, hard work and the right investments can deliver a quick and dramatic change in fortune.

Its results that count

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New customer acquisitions increased by 9%
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created 43% additional capacity to sell through operational efficiencies
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Recharging of design services improved by 40%
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Revenue up by 20%
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Reduced overheads
by 11%
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Profitability up by 9%